2019-10-21 00:47:00

All Saints' College leads by example

By Anushe Khan
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

We are always so excited to see that schools in the EdSmart community are getting the most out of the platform by continuously building resources for their staff and students. 

In particular, we want to give props to one of our superstar smart schools, All Saints' College in Western Australia, who have made an outstanding walkthrough video of their professional development application forms process. Head of ICT Integration Greg Port shows staff (and us!) how to complete PD applications using EdSmart end-to-end.

See how Greg explains it, and feel free to adapt to your own purposes:

EdSmart - Applying for PD

The EdSmart Staff Forms Module streamlines and automates administrative processes to reduce non-teaching tasks. Forms can be initiated by staff, parents, even prospective parents to cover everything from professional development to leave management and incident reports.

Drawing on unlimited templates, you can send messages to multiple community members according to your workflows, speeding up administrative compliance and approval processes.

We recently featured the video from All Saints' College in our 'Powerful Digital Workflows for Schools' webinar. In this webinar, we take you through the benefits of digital workflows and show you how the EdSmart Smart Schools community is optimising their experience. 

Watch the webinar


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"EdSmart has all of the tools we needed to solve many of the issues we had identified as a College through talking to parents and staff. When implementing a seamless Staff professional learning application workflow we knew that EdSmart was going to make life easier and more efficient. Our major goal of replacing paper forms to parents with a streamlined, simplified, online workflow is one that I look forward to implementing for the benefit of all of our parents."
All Saints' College, Western Australia

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