2019-09-11 00:29:30

Albert Park Preschool becomes Australia's first certified carbon neutral kindergarten

By Emma Westwood
Writer | Editor | Content & Digital Strategist

We're so proud that one of our foundation schools, Albert Park Preschool, has been officially recognised as Australia's first certified carbon neutral kindergarten.

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 3.24.01 pmAda shows off her preschool's environmental stats as calculated through EdSmart (above)

Back in 2014, when EdSmart had just commenced operations, we had a meeting of minds with Albert Park Preschool in Melbourne, Australia, whose Administration Director, Jenny Whelan, had a 'green dream' of making her school an example of sustainability for others to follow. 

On 7th September 2019, that dream came true with Jenny, her colleagues and students, parliamentary officials and others across the community coming together to celebrate the announcement that Albert Park Preschool had achieved carbon neutral certification, and was, in fact, the first kindergarten in Australia to do so.

The kindergarten’s philosophy celebrates a commitment to the wellbeing of our world and each other as part of a promise to Bunjil – creator deity of the Boonwurrung – to care for the bubups (children) and country. 

As Jenny says, "To take time to view our big, beautiful, blue planet from the perspective of a child is to truly appreciate the wonder of life from the smallest of living creatures to the largest gifts of nature."

"We feel it is our duty to support the children's love of nature by reducing our carbon footprint," she continues. "We might be little, but we dream big, and together we can continue to make a difference." 

IMG_9968Jenny Whelan with one of the preschool's values, Beauty (above)

Jenny is pleased to acknowledge EdSmart's role in helping her kindergarten hit this milestone.

"We're on a sustainability journey but we're also on a mental health, wellbeing journey, and EdSmart addresses both of these things for me. The staff are overworked and any time saving that can be made is crucial, which EdSmart helps deliver."

"We take a 'little kinder, big heart' approach," she says. "Little organisations can make a difference too, which is also the EdSmart philosophy."

Despite being one of the newest and smallest additions to the Carbon Neutral Network, Albert Park Preschool is already pursuing a new goal of bringing together a sustainable learning community, and is proud to partner local Primary Schools and Albert Park College in pursuit of this vision.

Congratulations to Jenny and everyone from the Albert Park Preschool community!

You can see Albert Park Preschool featured in the EdSmart brochure...

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